Bespoke Tours

Here at the East Belfast Loyalist Conflict Museum we offer a series of bespoke tours for groups who wish to focus on a specific period of time that is relevant to our community and its vast history. We also have the ability to cater our tours around specific types of groups, ranging from youth groups and schools, to Orange Lodges and Cultural Societies.

If you would like us to cater a tour to your specific needs, please complete the enquiry form below and we will endeavor to meet the needs of you and your group. Here at the Centre the needs of our visitors are first and foremost, therefore we aim to do the very best to meet your needs and ensure you have a positive and pleasant visit.

Bespoke Tours

Types of Groups

  • Schools/colleges
  • Universities (Local)
  • Universities (International)
  • Large Tourist Groups
  • Men’s Group
  • Women’s Group
  • Cultural Societies
  • Orange Lodges
Types of Groups

Bespoke Tours

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