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Our walking tour takes you on a journey through the streets of working class inner East Belfast. From the Newtownards Road to the Albertbridge Road, we take you on a journey of religious and political upheaval. During the 1970s death stalked these streets as a conflict began between the Loyalist and Republican communities, a conflict that would last for 30 years. Let us show you some of the EastSides key locations.

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Walking Tour

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Walking Tour

  • Neill McCurrie Memorial Garden

    Where it all began, 27th June 1970 - The Troubles arrive bringing death to the streets..

  • Freedom Corner

    The popular landmark of Freedom Corner and Young Newton Remembrance Garden - Political murals and their messages dispelling the myths.

  • Newcastle Street/St.Leonards Crescent

    The streets where British soldiers killed Andrew Petherbridge on 7th February 1973, aged just 18. A year later - on 17th February 1974, Gary Reid and Kirk Watters - both just 17 years of age.

  • Roberta House, Gawn Street

    Headquarters of the UDA – From housing full-time staff to arms raids.

  • Hornby Street

    Scenes of carnage as an Army Saracen kills John Clarke on 16th October 1972, by crashing into a house a pinning him to a wall. The same Army Saracen is believed to have killed a young William ‘Billy’ Warnock, aged 15, the very next night.

  • Dee Street Memorial Garden

    From walled mural to permanent structure – a place for reflection.

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